Part 3: Certified HUG Teacher Program

Requirements And How to Submit Your Documents

Part I and Part II
Watch Part I and Part II on the DVD.

Take and score at least 70% on the Post-test for Part I and Part II. Keep these Post-tests until you complete Part III.

Part III

  • Read Part III required articles and blogs
  • Review HUG DVD and Handout (available in Farsi)
  • Teach Parents:
    • Teach 4 individual Parent Visit sessions with parents
    • Or teach 2 individual Parent Visit sessions + teach one HUG Your Baby class to parents (you can use “understanding your new born PowerPoint and script available here to teach parents).
  • Document your work with parents by using the “Parent Visit” form and the “Teaching a HUG Class”
  • Write and submit one story about your experience using The HUG. This will be published in the HUG For Iran Blog (
  • Take and score at least 70% on the Part III Post-test
  • Complete the course evaluation.
  • Please email all of the following items to me at one time.
  • Documentation of your individual Parent Teaching and/or of your HUG class
  • Your blog
  • Post-test part I, Part II and Part III
  • Your course evaluation

I will evaluate these requirements and send you your certificate.